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Welcome to the Suburbia Book Shelf.  You will find all of my books from this series on this page. There is a mix of novellas and short stories. Suburbia is about the swinger lifestyle. The books from this series feature couples and wife swapping, woman on woman and male on male bisexual activities, and much more.

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Suburbia Volume 1 Cover Image


Suburbia 2 book cover

Suburbia 2

Swinging Neighbors book cover

Swinging Neighbors

The Cruise - Extended Edition book cover

The Cruise – Extended Edition

The Mother-In-Law book cover, sexy woman in lingerie

The Mother-In-Law

Eating Out Short erotic Story cover sexy older couple eating dinner

Eating Out

Swinging Neighbors 2 book cover, black high heel boots with handcuffs and red rose

Swinging Neighbors 2

Swinging Neighbors 3 book cover, sexy lady in leather laying on table

The Cruise – Extended Edition

Suburbia 3 cover available in kindle and paperback

Suburbia 3

Gardening 101 cover, sexy man shirtless

Gardening 101

Gardening 201

Gardening 301: A Threesome is better than a Twosome older couple on book cover

Gardening 301

Grandma's Christmas Present sexy older woman holding present

Grandma’s Christmas Present

Grandma's Christmas Present 2 book cover, young man in santa outfit well built

Grandma’s Christmas Present 2

New Year's Eve: The Grandparent's Get to Frolic As the Ball Drops book cover, sexy woman in mask

New Year’s Eve

The Maid - ebook cover from K.J. Duncan

The Maid

Suburbia 4: Playing in the Garden book cover sexy older man and woman touching each other

Suburbia 4

Aunt Betty book cover, sexy older woman in bikini on beach

Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty 2

The Maid 2: Sex at the beach ebook cover

The Maid 2

Suburbia 5 from K.J. Duncan

Suburbia 5

Coming Soon Place Holder Book Cover

coming soon

Coming Soon Place Holder Book Cover

coming soon

Coming Soon Place Holder Book Cover

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