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Male Bondings 4 book cover showing several sexy older men

Male Bondings: Volume 4

Male Bondings Volume 4 is a compilation of hot short stories related to older men enjoying the pleasures of intimacy. Just because someone is over the age of 55 does not mean they cannot live a fun and fulfilled sexual life. There are things that men know about each other and the ways to ensure one enjoys pure pleasure.

The elevator book cover, older man and younger man

The Elevator

A chance encounter allows Carl, a young banker, to meet Frank, a senior gentleman, in the elevator of a shared parking garage one day. After a few unplanned meetings in the elevator and many long fantasies, the young banker decides to take a chance and make his move. Will he be able to do more with the object of his affection, or will things go south when he finds out Frank is married?

old man on book cover

Outdoors With My Ex-Father-In-Law

This is a heartwarming story of two men from different generations who meet in a park and form a deep and meaningful friendship that lasts a lifetime. The story portrays the beauty of chance encounters and how they can lead to some of the most significant connections in our lives.

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Suburbia 2 book cover

Suburbia 2 AudioBook

Great news: Suburbia 2 is now available as an audiobook! Check it out today.

The Elevator 2 from K.J. Duncan

The Elevator 2

The Elevator 2 is now available. The chance encounter between Carl (a banker) and Frank ( a straight, married senior […]

Suburbia 5 from K.J. Duncan

Suburbia 5 Now Available

Suburbia 5 gives us a look into the secret lives of several older men and women. We’ll take a look […]